Mercedes-Benz Financial is the first luxury captive to introduce a full contract data validation system integrated with a dealer service provider

It's called eValidate and integrates with the dealer management system.

The captive finance arm is rolling out eValidate with dealer service providers who have Mercedes dealerships as clients across the country. Advent Resources, Inc., of San Pedro, CA, was the first.

Some of its Mercedes-Benz clients include Mercedes-Benz of Laguna Niguel, CA, Fields Motorcars, FL, and the corporate-owned store Mercedes-Benz of Manhattan, NY.

These Mercedes-Benz dealers now have the ability to check the accuracy of their lease worksheets, lease agreements, retail contracts, and retail law contracts accepted by Mercedes-Benz Financial.

During a dealership pilot program, “eValidate has caught problems before we could even call them problems,” says Loren Anderson, finance manager at Calstar Motors in Glendale, CA.

The system is designed to make more than 100 different types of validations “Over 70% of our business is lease and with all of the manufacturer special programs being offered, contract discrepancies are inevitable,” says George Bik, a manager at Mercedes-Benz of Encino, CA. “eValidate confirms contract accuracy or advises of a contract discrepancy in about five seconds.“