Mercedes-Benz USA designers will have three times as much space to ink the car of the future as the auto maker announces it is relocating its studio in Irvine, CA, to nearby Carlsbad.

The auto maker acquired the new studio for a reported $7 million from Chrysler LLC, which shuttered the former Chrysler Pacifica Advance Design Center earlier this year.

While under the auspices of Chrysler, the studio was responsible for the design of several influential vehicles, including the Dodge Challenger concept.

Mercedes will house some 25 designers at the new studio, which measures 34,000 sq.-ft. (3,160 sq.-m). The designers will hail from a “diverse mix of cultural backgrounds,” Mercedes says, noting its design strategy takes into account “new ideas from other continents and cultures.”

The increased space, up from the 13,000 sq.-ft. (1,200 sq.-m) in Irvine, will allow for the construction of full-scale models, something that previously wasn’t possible, the auto maker says.

The acquisition of the studio underscores the company’s commitment to design, says Gorden Wagener, head of strategic advanced design and future head of design for Mercedes-Benz Cars.

“The substantial enlargement of our design studio in California bears testament to the growing importance of design at Mercedes-Benz,” Wagener says in a statement. “With our studios in California, Tokyo and Como (Italy), we have established a creative basis for important markets. They function as our seismograph for influences emerging from art, culture and architecture.”

The move to the new studio is scheduled to begin in July.