More stories related to 2005 NAIASDETROIT – Michelin Group unveils at the North American Auto Show three vehicles it believes best represent the “form follows function” philosophy of German design, the theme for the 2005 Michelin Challenge Design, an annual competition to showcase the talents of automotive designers around the globe.

A jury of six designers selected three concept cars they believe most represent the Bauhaus theme. The concept cars are the Opel Insignia, the Mercedes-Benz F 500 Mind and the Volkswagen Concept R.

Michelin chose cars that reflect influence of German form-follows-function design, such as the VW Concept R.

The concepts are among the 160 entries, from 50 different countries, that explored the form-follows function theme. In addition to the fullsize concept cars, entries also include scale-model vehicles and sketches.

Also at the event here, Michelin announces the design theme for the 2006 Michelin Challenge Design: vehicles for the California market.

In addition to the normal design precepts that have been the focus of the Michelin Challenge Design since its inception in 2001, Michelin says the 2006 Challenge also dictates designers incorporate an alternative powertrain in the California-themed entry.