NEW YORK – Mini USA begins offering Clear Channel Radio's real time traffic information (RTTI) as standard on '07 Cooper and Copper S hardtops with optional navigation systems.

The free Clear Channel Radio traffic information will be available in 44 U.S. markets.

“Customers won't have to pay recurring subscription fees to access the service,” says Jim McDowell, vice president of Mini USA. Parent BMW of North America LLC began offering the service on a number of BMW models last September.

RTTI provides up-to-date traffic information on the navigation display. The around-the-clock service is updated every four minutes, with traffic conditions shown as icons on the map.

Traffic incidents are listed by distance from the Mini's exact position. If the navigation computer calculates traffic conditions will cause delays of more than five minutes, it will supply alternate routing to avoid traffic jams.

The Clear Channel service also is available with several aftermarket navigation systems.