CANBERRA – Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd. is calling a TV report on the auto maker’s performance in Japan and Australia as sensational and a threat to its viability.

The report on the Australian Broadcasting Corp. channel reportedly revealed nothing new that Mitsubishi hasn’t already disclosed regarding the global recall of vehicles announced in July and the Fuso truck scandal, including charges against executives.

Mitsubishi is spending A$600 million ($435 million) in new plant equipment and technology for new Magna.

“Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd. strongly disapproves of the sensational way in which ABC portrayed not only Mitsubishi operations in Japan but also the current viability of the Australian operations,” the company says in a statement.

The ABC story focused entirely on the problems and challenges facing the organization, without mentioning the ongoing efforts by both the corporate parent and the Australian operations to ensure a successful turnaround of the business, Mitsubishi says.

Mitsubishi Australia President and CEO Tom Phillips says he is concerned the ABC report reflects badly on the auto maker’s Australian operations.

“While we have undergone our fair share of challenges this year, our parent company confirmed its commitment to continuing manufacturing operations here in Australia in May,” he tells the media here.

“Since then we have brought out a wide range of new vehicles, including Colt, Lancer Evolution VIII, Grandis and Outlander that feature world-leading technology and represent the future face of our brand.”

Phillips says the company is going into high gear for the launch of the all-new vehicle that replaces Magna next year. “We are investing A$600 million ($435 million) in new plant equipment and technology in preparation for this car,” he says.