Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd. says it will unveil Australia’s first electric-vehicle fast-charge station later this month in Adelaide.

The “Level 3 Electric-Vehicle DC Fast-Charge System,” to be located at the auto maker’s headquarters, will provide fast recharging for the Mitsubishi i-MiEV compact electric car.

Mitsubishi worked with Club Assist Pty. Ltd., a motoring club product-and-service-supply company, to bring the latest EV recharging technology to Australia.

The fast charger gives the i-MiEV’s lithium-ion battery 80% capacity in 30 minutes and a 50% charge in less than 12 minutes.

The battery also can be charged from a normal 15-amp domestic household power supply, taking about seven hours to reach full capacity.

“Mitsubishi continues to be an industry leader in electric vehicles, and the fast-charge station is the next step in making electric motoring accessible to a wider audience,” Mitsubishi Australia President and CEO Masahiko Takahashi says in a statement.

In August, Mitsubishi Australia said overwhelming interest in the i-MiEV had resulted in parent Mitsubishi Motors Corp. increasing the country’s allotment of the vehicle from 40 units to 110.