After saying "No deal," the National Automobile Dealers Association is reconsidering the National Football League's proposal to switch the dates of the Super Bowl and the NADA Convention.

The Super Bowl is scheduled for January 27 in New Orleans and the NADA Convention is slated for February 2-5, also in New Orleans. Because of the senseless attacks on Washington D.C. and New York City on September 11, the NFL postponed last Sunday's games. Now it is trying to find a way to keep from having to either cancel a week's worth of games or the first round of its playoffs and still keep the Super Bowl in New Orleans.

NADA spokesman, Jeff Beddow, last week said the association took a hard look at the proposal to see if it was feasible. "Unfortunately, it just wasn't realistic. We already have over 500 contracts with vendors for that week and with 24,000 attendees - many of whom already have travel and hotel accomodations, it would have been logistically impossible," he explained.

But now the deal is being revisted, according to Mr. Beddow. "Obviously, the association would like to accommodate the NFL, but the magnitude of moving a convention of this size and one that has been planned 10 years in advance is immense. There are meetings going on today to see what can be done."

There is speculation that the NFL may offer a significant sum of money to cover the costs that NADA may incur from moving the convention - possibly as much as $10 million.