NADA now offers a new training program called SkyLink.

Subscribing dealerships may receive approx-imately 30 hours of SkyLink program trans-missions per year.

The sessions are broadcast live and allow realtime, interactive participation with the speakers. Or, the programs can be recorded and viewed at a later time without the interactive feature. Follow-up questions may also be submitted and responses received via e-mail.

Those wishing to receive SkyLink programming on their PCs may do so by installing a PCI card and reception box on their PCs, allowing users either to view the sessions in realtime or download the digitally stored program and save it for viewing at a more convenient time.

Topics currently available to subscribers include such standard fare as overcoming objections/closing the sale, selling service, special order parts, used car management, and Internet marketing, plus an array of special topics, such as complying with OSHA regulations, new owner clinics, and 20 ways to save money on your computer system.

Session leaders include NADA attorney Jim Minnis, environmental compliance consultant Kip Prahl, sales and management trainer Joe Verde, fixed operations consultant Larry Edwards, and time management trainer M.J. Weeks.

Special programs include news and highlights from NADA's Industry Relations Symposium, Washington Conference, and Annual Convention and Exposition.

Additional programming options include the NASA Channel, which reports on U.S. air and space activities, and Bloomberg Television, a 24-hour business channel that includes worldwide market updates.

Dealerships may subscribe to SkyLink at three different levels. Tier 1 subscribers receive 12 one-hour sessions, 12 two- to three-hour sessions, three special programs, the NASA Channel and Bloomberg Television. The cost is $1,995.

Tier 2 subscribers receive the 12 one-hour sessions, a choice of nine two- to three-hour sessions, one special program, and the two bonus channels. The Tier 2 subscription costs is $1,850. Tier 3 subscribers receive the 12 hour-long sessions and a choice of six two- to three-hour sessions at a cost of $1,595.

All three subscription levels include the cost of an 18-inch reception dish and installation kit, receiver, system activation, and monthly maintenance of the system. For dealerships unwilling to install the system themselves, SkyLink will subcontract the installation for an additional $300.

For more information, visit the SkyLink website at