ADP Dealer Services and Standard Register announced an alliance that harnesses the combined power of the Internet and the companies' support infrastructures to help dealers optimize forms and supplies management.

The result of this alliance is a new service called DOX - Dealer Office Xpress - a procurement source for forms and office products. DOX combines online ordering and document management tools with in-dealership services and delivery for automotive retailers, regardless of what computer system they currently use.

DOX online services, available at ADP's, will include SMARTworks, the integrated print management platform from Standard Register's subsidiary, Inc. SMARTworks enables retailers to order forms and supplies as well as track the e-procurement process. Online reporting provides access to document and supplies usage trends and order history, which enables dealers to manage costs and inventory.

In addition to Internet services, DOX also includes traditional forms and supplies management tools and catalog ordering. Whether retailers use the online or traditional services, dedicated DOX specialists help clients create document management strategy.

"Automotive retailers must have new solutions to take control of the Internet and capitalize on opportunities in the new economy," says Mike Martone, president of ADP Dealer Services. "DOX helps retailers clear away the roadblocks to effective management through its easy, on-demand tools and face-to-face services."

ADP says typical SMARTworks users can decrease their company's annual paper usage by 25% the first year and reduce costs by 40% over three years. The technology platform currently is being used in multiple industries including auto manufacturers Mitsubishi and Volvo.