A new e-report card is intended to help managers of auto dealership Internet sales departments to turn online inventory faster and at good grosses.

AutoUpLinkUSA's eReport Card gives dealership e-commerce managers a real-time summary of their online listings' performance so adjustments for improving results can be made quickly, if necessary.

Such improvements include keeping online vehicle listings fresh, market sensitive and intriguing.

The feedback helps, says Ray Fenster, e-commerce director for the nine-franchise Lindsay Automotive Group, who has been using eReport Card since last fall.

“We have online at any one time a couple thousand vehicles, which without eReport Card would take me an entire day to access, assess and then compile a report about for management,” he says. “Now it's done in less than 30 minutes and I have very accurate insight into my listings and what processes need to be improved so consumers' eyeballs spot our vehicles more often.”

Some key metrics identified and measured by eReport Card include vehicle images, vehicle comments, vehicle pricing, vehicles with steaming video, inventory serviced by an AutoUpLinkUSA field agent, and vehicles by days in inventory.

Each metric can be broken out into individual reports. eReport Card is accessed by AutoUpLinkUSA dealership customers from their AutoUpLinkUSA Profit Center web dashboard.

Understanding the nuances of these metrics is critical to understanding how well the dealership's online inventory listings are performing.

“These reports help us keep our inventory in front of customers by ensuring that each listing is complete and comprehensive,” Fenster adds. “They tell us whether our cars are listed with reserve, Internet and list prices — and when vehicles have the right prices on them customers are more likely to give us a call or submit a lead.

“We also can quickly tell whether each listing features custom contents, which customers like to see and motivates them more to contact us,” he says. “And because these reports are in real time, eReport Card helps us gauge our inventory aging fast to make sure we have the right balance of inventory online.”