Volvo will soon get new cross/utility vehicles (CUVs), says Victor H. Doolan, vice president of Ford's Premium Auto Group and interim head of Volvo Cars of North America, conceding the brand has not kept pace with competitors in the luxury segment. A CUV codenamed P28 will be the first and contribute substantially to Volvo's growth, outselling the Cross Country, which is Volvo's closest model to a CUV. Volvo may be entering the segment late, but Mr. Doolan says it can catch up with CUVs from Lexus and BMW by offering attributes the competitors don't have. Meanwhile, Volvo will continue to market sedans and wagons billed as the safest in the world, packaged with exciting design and performance features. Volvo also expects moving its North American headquarters to California from New Jersey in September will translate into an additional 5,000 to 6,000 sales annually, since 63 million people live between the Pacific Ocean and Rocky Mountains. Mr. Doolan predicts 2001 sales will surpass 2000, and Volvo is on target to meet its North American sales goal of 200,000 vehicles by 2004 or 2005. He hopes to increase sales with PAG's program to create umbrella facilities selling multiple brands.