Automotive repair shops now have the option of ordering parts online from their designated Toyota Motor Sales Inc. dealer.

The website,, allows repair shops to search more than 9,000 parts by model and year.

“We’ve enhanced the website so that repair shops can order parts anytime, which provides efficient service for the customer and flexibility for the shops,” says TMS Wholesale Development Manager Jerry Raskind. The site also supports collision specialists in need of parts for under-hood repairs.

Registered repair shops will not be charged a fee when using the Toyota Wholesale Parts website. There also is no minimum order requirement. Shops are able to personalize their experience on the site by saving previously submitted orders and favorite parts searches.

“When customers receive a quality repair using Genuine Toyota Parts, they get the reassurance of knowing they are maintaining the value of their vehicle for the long run, and that increases customer loyalty,” says Dave Camden, TMS vice president-dealer operations.