New software allows companies to analyze the effectiveness of their web sites, based on the behavior of consumers visiting a web site.

Net.Analysis 4.0 lets businesses determine how customers typically find the site, which promotional activities attract the best potential customers, which pages cause customers to linger the longest and which pages cause customers to leave the site.

net.Analysis 4.0, the fourth generation of net.Genesis's flagship Web analytics software, is designed to meet the business intelligence needs of online marketing and sales professionals, site designers, and IT/systems managers.

Founded in 1994, Boston-based net.Genesis is a strategic partner with IBM, Sun Microsystems, and ABC Interactive and others.

A one-time MVC (Most Valued Customer) consultation program to determine the effectiveness of a dealership Web site costs $5,000. More information is available at

The Web site of Kelley Blue Book received 2.4 million unique visits in May 1999, including 1.6 million first-time visitors, resulting in the issuance of 14 million pricing reports on new and used vehicles.

Approximately 477,000 visitors were referred to dealerships. Kelley Blue Book figures indicate that as of mid-1999, SUVs are twice as popular as pickups, and three times as popular as vans and luxury cars. For more information on Kelley Blue Book's "Hot 50" best-selling vehicles, visit their site: