A new software system allows auto dealers to get real-time rates for service contracts and other products managed within SCS Auto's administration system.

Software provider F&I Administration Solutions has integrated the system into SCS's platform with the Impact Group's FUSION menu.

Typically, sales managers have a short window of time to determine the best product mix at the best price for the customer.

“It is industry knowledge that the less time customers spend in the F&I office, the more likely they are to buy additional products,” says David Trinder, CEO of F&I Administration Solutions.

“The integration of our products significantly reduces the time it takes to present the menu, and therefore increases the likelihood of making a sale,” he says. “The integration with the FUSION menu is part of our ongoing commitment to provide electronic connectivity to other systems for the benefit of our provider customers and their dealers.

He says more announcements will follow “as we continue to deliver to this strategy.”