DSM Engineering Plastics, a global leader in nylon 6 for the automotive industry, has recently announced two new additions to our extensive nylon 6 product portfolio. These materials are important for anyone designing or processing automotive components for underhood, drivetrain, exterior trim, or auto electrical systems.

Akulon[R] ReCap[TM] - Meeting Environmental Demands in the Automotive Market

With auto OEMs searching for ways to increase post-consumer recycle content, DSM is proud to offer an environmentally sound solution tradenamed Akulon[R] ReCap[TM]. This material is made possible by DSM's proprietary method of converting post-consumer, nylon 6-carpet waste into virgin-quality nylon 6.

While recycled nylon has been widely used for years, most of it does not meet the quality standards for virgin nylon. In addition, materials based on post-industrial waste are typically available only in mineral and/or glass-reinforced black compounds - not in colored or unreinforced materials due to its typical mixed color feedstock.

Akulon[R] ReCap[TM] provides a solution to these restrictions. Akulon[R] ReCap[TM] is identical to virgin nylon-based products and conforms to existing automotive specifications. Available in a wide array of colors and formulations, Akulon[R] ReCap[TM] can be used in any automotive application where virgin nylons are used. Grades include standard heat stabilized, unreinforced, glass reinforced, and glass/mineral hybrid compounds.

Akulon[R] Ultraflow[TM] - Lower Molding Costs, Better Surface Appearance

Offering automakers breakthrough performance for glass-fiber reinforced nylon 6, Akulon[R] Ultraflow[TM] delivers up to 25% improved flow over standard nylons with comparable glass loadings. DSM Engineering Plastics' proprietary method of reducing viscosity in Akulon[R] Ultraflow[TM] translates to shorter cycle times, less molded-in-stress, reduced energy costs, and superior surface appearance.

The shorter cycle time of this extremely easy-to-process material results from its dramatically improved flow, which yields shorter injection and hold times. Akulon[R] Ultraflow[TM] also requires lower injection pressure to produce the same part, substantially decreasing molded in stress, which can cause warpage or part failure. The improved flow allows for lower processing temperatures as well, reducing the total energy costs of injection molding.

Akulon[R] Ultraflow[TM] delivers all of this and excellent surface appearance too. The material wets out the glass matrix better, which results in a higher gloss and improved finish. Grades include natural, black, and custom colors in unfilled, 30%, and 50% glass fiber reinforced compounds.

For more information on Akulon[R] ReCap[TM], Akulon[R] Ultraflow[TM], or DSM Engineering Plastics' full materials product portfolio, please call 800.333.4237, or visit www.dsmep.com.