Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. has designs on Europe’s light commercial vehicle (LCV) market – near term and long term.

At the Tokyo Motor Show in October, the auto maker will unveil a concept vehicle to serve that segment. Developed jointly by the Nissan Design Center in Japan and U.K.-based Nissan Design Europe, the NV200 features separate storage zones for wet and dry materials. In addition, its cargo bay can be transformed into a mobile office.

“A light-commercial vehicle has a specific job to perform, but that’s no reason to design a purely rational vehicle with no warmth,” says Shiro Nakamura, senior vice president and chief creative officer. “For NV200, function becomes the aesthetic. Our concept is a highly efficient tool but one with a human touch.”

In addition, Nissan announces it will “reinforce” its position in markets such as Germany, the U.K., and northern and eastern Europe by establishing a dedicated sales channel for light-duty trucks. The auto maker also will continue to seek more leverage from partnerships, such as the one it has with Volvo Trucks, in markets where the Nissan truck network is not sufficiently developed.

The new structure will “improve our performance in the rest of Europe by introducing competitive new products and enhancing our dealer network,” says Brian Carolin, Nissan Europe senior vice president-sales and marketing.

In particular, the auto maker says it will renew its marketing focus in Russia and Turkey.

Through June, Nissan sold 489,595 commercial vehicles, a company statement says. Nearly 49,000 were delivered in Europe.