Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. will debut an all-new model for Europe, as well as a revised version of its 350Z sports car, at next month’s Geneva auto show.

Nissan divulges no other details about the new model, except that it will be unveiled by Carlos Tavares, executive vice president-corporate strategy and product planning, March 6.

The auto maker is less secretive about the 350Z, which receives Nissan’s upgraded 3.5L V-6 VQ series engine. Already installed in the new Infiniti G35 in the U.S., the new VQ, with nearly 80% new parts, makes 308 hp and 264 lb.-ft. (358 Nm) of torque in the 350Z.

Maximum engine speed is up 500 rpm to 7,500 rpm, Nissan says.

Nissan says it redesigned the 350Z’s hood to accommodate the larger engine and, stylistically, it harkens back to the original 240Z with its “slightly raised profile.”

Nissan will offer three new exterior colors for the 350Z in Europe: Temper Orange, Precision Grey and Night Blue.

A new, pale interior trim called Frost Grey is added, as are active headrests.

The new 350Z in Europe rides on Bridgestone Potenza RE050A tires for better “on-road refinement,” but Nissan says grip levels are unchanged.

The revised 350Z goes on sale in Europe this spring.