Nissan North America Inc. promises to right the wrongs of its first-generation Titan fullsize pickup truck to ensure the second-generation model is a success.

"We're going to do things the right way — the right way of marketing, the right way of product quality — to make sure we don't have any of the hiccups of the first generation," Larry Dominique, NNA's chief product planner tells Ward's at a media event in Vancouver.

Nissan's first fullsize pickup launched in '04. The auto maker hoped to sell 100,000 Titans annually, but never hit the mark, coming closest in 2005 with 86,945 deliveries (see story, p.25).

Titan demand fell to 19,042 units last year, hitting the bottom in one of the industry's most competitive segments.

"Consistency in marketing (and) consistency in awareness is critical," Dominique says of two problems the first generation encountered, noting Nissan continues to study what went right and wrong with the first-gen Titan.

Nissan research found few U.S. truck buyers knew the auto maker offered a fullsize pickup during its first few years of availability. In addition, the truck was plagued by early quality problems.

Brake judder (or shudder) and a rear differential problem took the Titan off Consumer Reports magazine's recommended list, says Dominique, noting the publication is "very influential" with truck buyers.

The Titan now is back on CR's list, "and we plan to stay on (it)," he says.