Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. will announce at this week's New York auto show that company executives have given the green-light for production of the much-ballyhooed Z sports car.

Although the company has shown Z-car concepts to the press and displayed a highly finished concept version at January's Detroit auto show, Nissan executives had not given final approval to produce a new-generation Z. Nissan now says it will formally announce the Z's production-product status this week in New York.

Nissan's Infiniti luxury division, meanwhile, is likely to make its own splash at the New York show. Nissan sources say the up-market division will provide a detailed glimpse of “what may be in Infiniti's future” at the exhibition.

Could part of that “future” be a high-profile coupe — a model currently missing from the Infiniti product range? A company source tells Ward's that Nissan may be pondering U.S.-market certification for its Skyline high-performance coupe, a model currently sold only in non-North American markets.

A Nissan spokesperson says he “will not confirm or deny that possibility,” adding only that Skylines spotted near Nissan's research and development facility in Farmington Hills, MI, are among several non-U.S. vehicles the R&D arm is studying to evaluate their all-wheel drive systems. Nor will the spokesperson indicate whether any potential plans to import the Skyline would earmark the coupe for the Infiniti brand.

“We have a variety of non-U.S. vehicles at the (Farmington Hills) Tech Center, all with 4-wheel-drive systems,” says the spokesperson. “We also make a number of 4wd vehicles in Smyrna (TN),” the spokesperson adds, insinuating that studying a variety of Nissan 4wd systems may have implications for current 4wd products built in North America.