Now there are two sit-ins at the Ssangyong Motor Co. Ltd. vehicle assembly plant in Pyongtaek, South Korea.

As of Tuesday morning, 2,000 management and non-union employees began staging a “working sit-in” in a park and on lawns and driveways around the perimeter of the plant.

About 900 labor-union members are inside the facility, armed and refusing to let anyone enter.

“The 2,000 employees reported for work at the plant at 8:30 this morning and will stay on the job each day until 5:30 pm,” a Ssangyong spokesman tells Ward’s.

The workers will perform various tasks outside the plant.

“They will not try to enter the plant, as they are threatened by the strikers’ violent behavior,” the spokesman says. “They have set up teams and in some cases are working on planning programs and schedules that do not require them to be inside the plant.

“Some of them are undergoing training classes, and there are sessions to work on our strategy for continuing the operations,” he says.

The workers occupying the plant have refused to speak with management and are demanding to negotiate directly with the Korean government, the spokesman says.

The 2,000 employees all are receiving their regular pay.