The North American auto industry’s April-June production slate now stands at 30,300 more units than it did a month ago the latest figures from the production planners show.

It is the second consecutive monthly increase in official April-June production plans, which started at 4,237,700 vehicle assemblies in early March but now stand at 4,277,400 units.

However, most of that increase already has been accomplished, with 36,500 units having been added to the April slate over the course of the month.

By contrast, the May plan only is up 10,800 vehicles, while 17,000 units have been pared from the June slate. It is a pattern that largely follows one set last week by Ford Motor Co.

The Dearborn-based auto maker bumped up its April plan by 4,300 units and added 5,200 to May, but cut 9,500 from June to keep its second-quarter tally at the same level set in early March. (See related data: Ward's May 2004 NA Production Schedule )

Like Ford, Chrysler Group shows a significant April overbuild, estimated at 15,900 units, accompanied by a modest 5,300-unit increase in May’s plan. Offsetting those gains, 12,100 units have been trimmed from the June slate.

General Motors Corp., however, is keeping April-June plans steady. April is expected to come in virtually on target, followed by an increase of just 500 units in May and 3,000 units in June. However, GM is said to be revisiting its May-June schedule and could add more units if it appears higher sales will deplete inventory prior to the company’s 2-week vacation shutdown that begins early in July.

Toyota Motor Mfg. Inc. boosted its second-quarter plans by 12,000 units, most of which are concentrated in April (7,500) and June (3,500), with May showing a more modest 1,000-unit gain.

Cami Automotive Inc., New United Motor Mfg. Inc. and Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc. also increased their second-quarter plans, albeit more modestly.

The stronger second-quarter schedule boosts North American vehicle output in the year’s first half to 8,525,500, up some 51,900 units from like-2003’s 8,473,600 completions. Truck production rises 5.2% to 5,200,600 units from 4,944,200, while cars decline 5.8% to 3,325,000 units from 3,529,400.