Mercury will continue its trend toward urban chic, courting youth along the way, but it won't abandon the generation that went before, says Lincoln-Mercury President Mark Hutchins. “I think, over time, you're going to see Mercury go into the brand personality of a Mountaineer or a Cougar,” Mr. Hutchins says, referring to the line's sport/utility vehicle and midsize specialty car — both of which have undergone changes to attract urban dwellers. But Grand Marquis, the large car popular with older buyers that has been the brand's bread and butter, will be grandfathered. “We're not going to walk away from that demographic,” Mr. Hutchins says. “Grand Marquis will continue to be Grand Marquis. But as we design and develop and manufacture and market Mercury, you're going to see a certain consistency that is exemplified, I think, by the Mountaineer.” Mountaineer sales grew 30.5% in April.