The Reynolds and Reynolds Co. is teaming with Northwood University to provide online automotive certificate programs based on the job roles in the parts, service, sales and accounting areas of auto dealerships.

The 12-week programs provide role-based training. For new and experienced dealership employees, the programs outline job role responsibilities, accountability requirements, and provide process training for performing key functions.

“With today's high turnover rates, training is imperative to retaining dealership employees,” says Susan Moll, Reynolds' vice president of services. “With job role training, employees can have the skill sets, knowledge and confidence necessary to operate in today's hyper-competitive automotive industry. With Northwood University's distance learning capabilities, employees can access accredited, flexible training and enhance their skills at their own pace, time, and place.”

“It's a win-win situation for dealerships and their employees,” says Northwood President David E. Fry. “Along with vital job training, employees can earn academic credits, improving their satisfaction and success in the industry.”

Learning modules are delivered online. Participants devote one-three hours a week to complete each program.

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