DETROIT – OnStar features will remain exclusive to General Motors Co. vehicles in the near term, the telematics service’s president says.

OnStar had been shopping itself to other auto makers as a means of generating additional revenue, but Chris Preuss tells journalists here today that prospect is “not on the table.”

Partnerships with other auto makers are problematic – for GM and prospective new customers – when OnStar’s close association with the giant auto maker is considered, he says.

Preuss leaves open the possibility of expansion in the distant future. But such a relationship likely would require an intellectual-property “buffer” to separate new partners from OnStar and GM.

Honda Motor Co. Ltd. and Volkswagen AG featured OnStar in the past, but those relationships were severed as OnStar was marketed as a key differentiator for brands such as Cadillac and Chevrolet.

OnStar also is available on Saab vehicles, stemming from that brand’s former status as a GM-owned marquee.

Saab executives have said they expect the partnership to continue, at least in the near term, because the brand’s vehicles still share technologies with GM. Preuss does not specifically address Saab.

OnStar is available on 35 ’10 model-year vehicles in North America.

In-car concierge services, such as OnStar, were featured on 22% of domestic ’10 light vehicles built in North America for the U.S. market, according to Ward’s data.