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General Motors Corp.’s Opel division signals a more technical and sporty exterior design future with its GTC Concept unveiled Monday on the eve of the Geneva auto show.

The 4-seat GTC, or Gran Turismo Coupe, is powered by a 300-hp turbocharged 2.8L V-6 gasoline engine and includes an electronically controlled all-wheel drive system.

From initial appearances, the GTC exudes German design, with both sleek and angular styling marks.

The front fascia is punctuated by large aluminum vertical intakes that intersect with light-emitting diode headlamps. The same vertical design cues are demonstrated on the rear exhaust vents.

The concept includes Opel’s “Flex4” system, allowing the backs of each rear seat to be folded down and docked to the front seats via remote control. That frees up a flat floor for either 3- or 2-seat configurations in the coupe.

Within the next year, four of five Saturn vehicles will share designs/platforms with the Germany-based Opel, and by 2014, the product lineups of both brands will be in sync.

GM officials have not yet indicated if the GTC coupe is bound for the U.S.