Congress has approved a $25 billion loan to domestic auto makers and their suppliers.

These funds will be directed to developing new energy technologies. And with each new technology developed and implemented comes a need for vehicle service, maintenance and repair at the dealer level.

Many of these stores have already made the not so insignificant investment necessary to service, repair and maintain the current generation of hybrids. But as new vehicle technologies reach dealers showrooms, shouldn't they be eligible for government loans to help them pay for new equipment, tools and training?

Not every new car dealer is a multi-millionaire, country club member. For many, their dealerships today are unintentionally not-for-profit businesses. Average dealers face a daily struggle just to survive with today's economic crisis, high gas prices, leasing cut-backs and a lack of consumer credit.

Dealers don't design, engineer and manufacture the cars.

But it's been their luck to have facilities that allow them to sell and service products with ever changing qualities and technologies.

The retail car business is an economic force. With annual sales of almost $700 billion in over 20,000 stores employing 1.1 million workers, wouldn't you think something should be done?

Like a loan package!