A survey of car buyers indicates that dealerships fall short of selling aftermarket accessories.

The survey says that 67% of the consumers were not presented with accessory options while buying vehicles.

“The study shows there needs to be more education showing dealers the profit potential (of accessories),” says Rolf Lichtner, director-marketing services for Webasto Product North America Inc., an aftermarket supplier that commissioned the survey.

He laments: “Dealers aren't asking their customers about buying accessories.”

More than 90% of the participants say seeing accessory options at the time of vehicle purchase is important, although most admit to not asking about accessories during the purchase.

“Dealers who have strong aftermarket sales have vehicles placed in the showroom with accessories already installed,” Lichtner says. “We've learned salespeople are more likely to present customers with accessory options when they can show it on the vehicle.”

Surveyed auto consumers say they are most interested in safety-related items, such as traction control and side-impact airbags.