Chicago Auto ShowCHICAGO – Executives for Ferrari North America say at the Chicago auto show here the auto maker’s personalization program has been so successful that every Ferrari sold in North America is personalized in some manner.

The personalization program, which allows customers to modify their chosen Ferrari in just about any fashion to suit their tastes, has been an “official” part of Ferrari’s sales process since 1992.

Prior to that, personalizing modifications were possible, but the customer had to be well-connected and well-known to the factory. The “grey” status of the system meant only certain customers pursued personalization.

Now that the personalization program is official, however, just about every Ferrari sold is personalized. “Virtually all of our customers take advantage of it in one way or another,” a Ferrari spokesman says.

Personalization can run from minor alterations to wholesale changes in interior fittings and materials. A customer’s imagination – and budget – are just about the only limitations.

The most popular personalization object is a small one, says the Ferrari spokesman: the prancing-horse “Scuderia” badges on the front fender, of which there are a variety of styles.