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PARIS –Automobiles Peugeot will enter the hybrid world in 2011, when it adds an electric motor to the rear axle of its all-new 3008 cross/utility vehicle.

The 3008, based on the 308 platform and built at the same Sochaux factory in eastern France, will be launched at the Geneva auto show next month, along with the 308CC coupe-convertible.

The CUV, which seats four passengers and is a blend of sedan, minivan and SUV, is loaded with new technology, Peugeot says.

The new hybrid will offer a head-up display that includes electronic stability control with five settings: standard, snow, off-road, sand and ESP-off or “grip control.” There also is Dynamic Roll Control for the rear suspension and a speed-based warning when there is not enough distance between cars.

Three engines are offered: 1.6L and 2.0L Hdi diesels making 110 hp to 163 hp, and a 1.6L VTi gasoline engine tuned from 120 hp to 156 hp.

The small diesel with a robotized manual 6-speed transmission is rated at 48 mpg (4.9 L/100 km) and emits 130 g/km of carbon-dioxide, well below the European average of 158 g/km. The worst-performing gasoline engine is rated at 176 g/km (32 mpg).

In 2011, the new CUV becomes the first full hybrid from PSA Peugeot Citroen. Automobiles Citroen will have a hybrid quickly thereafter.

Peugeot says the electric motor propelling the rear wheels will cut fuel consumption as much as 35%. As a full hybrid, the 3008 will be capable of driving short distances on electric power in both 4- and front-wheel-drive versions.

Peugeot has not announced details of the hybridization for the 3008. However, the Prologue HYbrid4 that PSA showed in Paris last fall featured a 163-hp diesel with a 27 kW (37-hp) electric motor for total power of 147 kW (200 hp). The hybrid powertran produced 221 lb.-ft. (300 Nm) of torque at the front and 148 lb.-ft. (200 Nm) at the rear. The car was rated at 57 mpg (4.1 L/100 km) with CO2 emissions of just 109 g/km.

The 3008 hybrid’s weight ranges from 3,084 lbs. (1,399 kg) for the small gasoline engine to 3,393 lbs. (1,539 kg) for the big diesel. Weight is controlled by using high-strength steel for much of the body-in-white, accounting for 12.5% of the vehicle weight. The hood is aluminum, and the front fenders are made of a composite material. A glass roof is offered as an option.

The rear and the front-passenger seats fold flat to make a level floor for hauling such things as skis. Each seating position has storage space, and ambient lighting is provided by light-emitting diodes.

The 3008 hybrid project started in 2004, under the codename T84, when Peugeot began preparing a replacement for the 307 and its many variants. Sales will start this summer.