More stories related to Geneva Motor Show Italian design house Pininfarina SpA teams with Motorola Inc. and Maserati SpA to create a technological concept car, unveiled at the Geneva auto show this week.

The prototype “is a rolling high-tech sculpture that demonstrates technologies that are imaginary but possible,” a statement released by Pininfarina says.

The car was conceived as an afterthought to a deal Pininfarina had with Motorola to design a mobile phone; it is meant to demonstrate how Motorola’s technology can be integrated in the functions of a car and offer “seamless mobility.”

Pininfarina’s take on Maserati’s potential future.

Wearing the Maserati trident badge and iconic Italian design, the vehicle is said to be both evocative of the brand’s past and an indication of the future face of Maserati.

The concept is fitted with numerous cameras, allowing drivers to share their experiences with others. In addition, a transparent heads-up display and centrally mounted navigation and intelligence center allow drivers to navigate through a variety of functions.

The vehicle, created completely with renewable and recyclable components, also carries a swappable drive system, which can switch from gasoline propulsion to a hybrid-electric setup in six minutes.