Renault SA will have a little digital assistance when it builds the replacement for the high-volume Megane midsize car.

Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd., a supplier of digital factory software, wins an $850,000 contract with the French automaker to supply software and services for designing and analyzing car body assembly processes, assessing quality and optimizing assembly lines and logistics.

The system allows Renault to simulate any part of the production process, and it helps save time in ramp-up, says Eric Gautier, European marketing director for Tecnomatix. "They have no time wasted fixing errors on the shop floor," he says.

The automaker also will use Tecnomatix software to readapt products for different environments and to simulate manufacturing scenarios based on varying levels of demand.

Renault has used Tecnomatix process engineering products for 10 years. The systems have helped the car manufacturer improve production processes and reduce cost and time to market.

Tecnomatix has supplied similar software to Mack Truck Inc., Volkswagen AG, Renault V.I. and Comau SpA. Automotive is 40% to 50% of the company's businesses. Ford Motor Co. and BMW AG are the company's largest automotive customers.