There's more to worry about at Pontiac-GMC than the Aztek's disappointing market performance. With sales down a whopping 44.8% in May vs. year-ago, the Bonneville sport sedan will get a new marketing approach and sales incentives, company executives say. “The Bonneville certainly is lagging our expectations,” admits Paul Ballew, GM director of market and industry analysis. “The large-car category as a whole has been under quite a bit of pressure.” Incentives for Bonneville, redesigned less than two years ago, are relatively modest: $1,000 customer cash or 5.9% to 7.9% annual percentage rate financing. “We have to do some things with Bonneville,” Pontiac-GMC Marketing General Manager Lynn Meyers tells WAW. “Some of them I can't talk about right now, in terms of additional support for Bonneville. We're also looking at some things from an overall marketing standpoint. We're doing a market-by-market analysis on where our sales have fallen off, and where they're strong. We're probably going to take a more targeted approach.” Other trouble spots: Pontiac cars declined 21.4% in May and are down 17.5% year-to-date. Beleaguered Firebird sales fell 34.4% (2,158 vs. 3,288). Grand Am, Grand Prix and Sunfire sales were down 12.2%, 15.8% and 31.4%, respectively. Mr. Ballew blames it on the softening midsize car market, Pontiac's bread and butter. And he says the declines are misleading for Grand Am and Grand Prix. “We had some pretty significant falloff in the Pontiac fleet numbers,” explains Mr. Ballew. Grand Am shows sales were down 12% but retail sales were really off 6%. Similarly, Grand Prix is shown off 16%; retail sales were off 9%. “It was a combination of trying to deal with pressure in mid-cars and grappling with not being overly aggressive on leasing and pulling back on fleets.”