In most popularly priced cars, the best you can hope for in an interior is good fit and finish, supportive seats and, if you are lucky, a few touches of flair.

That's why the Volkswagen CC stunned Ward's judges with style and attention to detail normally unheard of in its class.

The CC's striking first impression comes from the car's four ergonomically formed sport seats that immediately announce it is no run-of-the-mill family hauler.

The back seats are especially stylish and look like they were fashioned for a Bentley. Aggressive bolstering makes the back seats feel more like buckets than a standard bench. All four are positioned lower than normal to offer improved lateral support and create an enhanced connection with the road.

The CC benefits from exquisite design details and upscale materials and textures. “The detailed stitching on the steering wheel is amazing,” gushes Associate Editor James Amend. “This interior and me, it's love at first sight.”

Other judges marvel at the way the instrument panel lines flow seamlessly into the doors and interior colors harmonize with the light-colored woven headliner to give the cabin an airy feeling.

CC designers also did a magnificent job of carrying inward the dramatic exterior styling cues to create symbiosis with the sheet metal — an often-stated goal that is rarely achieved.

That's not to say the fussiest among us could not find a few flaws. For example, our test car was not heavily optioned, yet at $28,225 it still was among the priciest in the category. Clearly the craftsmanship comes at a premium.

But overall, editors find the CC interior extraordinary, punctuated by superb ergonomics, handy storage space and excellent safety ratings. The design goal was to blend sports car dynamics with sedan comfort in a sophisticated package. VW did a phenomenal job fulfilling that mission.