In launching his company's flagship '01 911 Turbo, Porsche AG President Wendelin Wiedeking talks more about the car's stopping ability than its speed. That's because Porsche has created a new dimension in brakes for cars. The Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake technology uses silica-coated carbon fiber disks and improved composite metal linings to provide the best braking ever for a car, Mr. Wiedeking claims. Available as an option, PCCB is expected to cost an astounding US$10,000 extra on the Turbo. Porsche says it will build 2,000 911 Turbos. Mr. Wiedeking also says Porsche's new sport/utility vehicle is scheduled to appear in the spring of 2002. Porsche held a groundbreaking ceremony recently for a new plant in Leipzig, Germany, where the SUV will be built for both domestic and export markets. About 20,000 SUVs will be turned out by Leipzig annually - half of that amount slated for export to the U.S.

- Compiled by Barbara McClellan and the Ward's Automotive International staff