Power & Data Distribution Modules Integrate Body Control

The Yazaki Digital Power Module (DPM) provides OEMs with the enabling technologies that increase power and data network performance and efficiency. It absorbs functions that normally reside in body control modules into Power Distribution Modules. These functions include control of memory seats, auto head lamps, intermittent wipers, power seats, windows, mirrors, and locks. The DPM is connected to the vehicle's communication network, providing gateway functionality between the vehicle's protocols. Currently in production for multiple OEMs in both passenger compartment and underhood applications.

Yazaki North America, Inc. www.yazaki-na.com

HEV Product Showcase

Yazaki designs, develops, and produces components that are specific to next generation vehicle architectures such as fuel cells and hybrid electric vehicles. Years of experience and design know-how pertaining to EMC shielding, high voltage and power transfer, and in-vehicle connectivity not only meet the future requirements of automakers, but exceed them. With a broad high voltage product base (cables, connectors, power distribution centers, and battery connectivity solutions) along with years of Yazaki wiring experience with OEM's such as Toyota, Daimler Chrysler, Honda, GM, Ford, and Nissan, Yazaki is the only logical supplier of choice for your future high voltage architecture needs.

Yazaki North America, Inc. www.yazaki-na.com

Powering the Engines of Tomorrow

Federal-Mogul is proud to power some of the world's best performing vehicles.

Customers and industry experts have honored Federal-Mogul time and again for their innovative technologies and engineering expertise.

Visit Federal-Mogul at www.federal-mogul.com.

Delphi Diesel Common Rail — A modular design

Delphi Multec diesel common rail is a modular diesel fuel injection system, with models capable of 1800 bar system pressure. It uses a unique solenoid injector design to optimize fuel rate, spray shape, and accuracy. The Multec system provides the smallest injection quantities in the smallest injector package. Along with closed-loop strategies, the system delivers the most precise fuel quantities over the life of the vehicle, which helps result in cost-effective, robust low emissions and acoustics performance.

Delphi MyFi — The First XM2Go Satellite Radio

Delphi is a trend-setting innovator with the first personal, portable XM2GO satellite radio, called Delphi MyFi. MyFi gives users the freedom to take XM radio's 130 channels with them wherever they go. MyFi comes with all the accessories needed for use at home or work, in a vehicle or on the go. Delphi's MyFi is available for $349.99 (MSRP) at www.shopdelphi.com, www.crutchfield.com, www.target.com or at Best Buy and Circuit City stores nationwide.

The Connecting Professionals

NORMA Products (U.S.), Inc. is a leading provider of clamping and connecting solutions for automotive, heavy truck and industrial applications. Leading OEMs specify us in HVAC, air induction, fuel systems, and exhaust systems for reliable seals and reduced cost, weight and assembly time.

The NORMACLAMP® range includes worm-drive, heavy-duty, low-profile, constant tension, and more. All, plus NORMAQUICK® quick-connectors, come in many standard sizes.

For innovative solutions, call the connecting professionals at 1-800-40-NORMA.

Industrial Coatings with Exceptional Value

Henkel Autophoretic® Coating Chemicals (ACC®) 900 Series of epoxy resin-based coatings offer significant productivity and environmental benefits, while delivering improved finish appearance and superior corrosion resistance on ferrous substrates. In addition, the autodeposition coating process behind the ACC® 900 Series greatly simplifies operations by removing manufacturing steps, which translates into shorter cycle times, lower operating costs and improved productivity. Applicators confirm the ACC® 900 Series is an excellent complement to the existing family of Autophoretic® coating products from Henkel that are used globally in automotive and general industrial metal coating applications.

Microwave Atmospheric Plasma Technology

Dana Corporation is developing a revolutionary microwave technology with the potential to radically change the future of metal heat-treating. Dana's AtmoPlas technology generates a microwave-absorbing plasma that surrounds the part to be heated. As the plasma absorbs the microwaves, the temperature rises and rapidly heats the part.

Operating at atmospheric pressure, AtmoPlas technology is fast, efficient, versatile, and cost-effective, and delivers quality, uniformity, and control. Examples of practical applications include carburizing, brazing, hardening, and sintering.

For more information on cooperative efforts to develop commercialization applications go to www.atmoplas.com.