Ford is moving across a broad front to solve quality problems that have plagued the automaker for years, leading to costly recalls, stalled product launches and poor results in customer surveys.

Leading the charge is James Padilla, a new group vice president at Ford Motor Co. He says he’s taking his focus-on-quality message to all the company’s constituents. That includes employees, suppliers, dealers, customers and the UAW.

He is conducting a series of town hall-like meetings at plants and before engineering groups to get the message across.

He’s credited with the sharp quality turnaround for Jaguar, which was long on beauty, short on reliability before Ford acquired it in 1989.

Now, Padilla says Ford needs firmer control over the quality of suppliers’ products and the way they are made.

Currently, suppliers self-certify their parts and components, with little on-going involvement from Ford engineers.

“That hasn’t worked,” says Padilla. That will change, he adds.