With a relatively new product lineup, including the PT Cruiser and the '01 Sebring family, DaimlerChrysler Corp. is setting ambitious sales goals around the globe for its Chrysler brand. While executives are forecasting only a slight increase in worldwide vehicle sales - 100,000 units to 3.3 million worldwide in 2000, the real growth is expected to happen during the next 10 years, especially in Europe. Chrysler-Jeep yearly deliveries in Europe will rise from 110,000-120,000 currently to 200,000 annually by 2003-2004, says Thomas R. Marinelli, vice president of the Chrysler/Jeep Div. Chrysler will account for 60% of those projected annual sales, with most of the growth gained from the PT Cruiser. Among the fresh products are the three Chrysler Sebrings. Annual Sebring sales are projected at 100,000-plus units with the convertible and sedan accounting evenly for 80% of orders.