DaimlerChrysler AG will decide within six months if it will expand the PT Cruiser lineup by adding new body styles or drivelines, says Chrysler Group President and Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche.

“One decision has been made, that's the introduction of a diesel engine (for Europe) around the (end of 2001),” Mr. Zetsche says. “(But) we're working on a full product portfolio every day,” he adds. “I can't give a specific date, but I assume in the next half-year we'll have a clearer picture. Whether (the lineup is expanded with new) drivelines or body styles has not been decided.” An all-wheel-drive version of the PT was expected, but demand has been so high for the existing front-drive model, that plan remains on the backburner. A convertible version is said to be ready for production as soon as demand for the hardtop begins to wane.