“You don't want to give away the store, but you do what you have to do to stay competitive.”
GM spokesman Jeff Roegner, on automakers' upping the incentives stakes.

“It's the end of an era, but in another way it's just a natural evolution, an admission that Cadillac and Lincoln don't own the luxury market anymore.”
AutoPacific analyst Jim Hall on reports that two venerable models, the Cadillac Eldorado and the Lincoln Continental, victims of slumping sales, are headed for that big car lot in the sky.

“There have been a lot of reports recently on management changes, and I think that was code for me leaving. We don't know where they came from. Bill (Ford) and I have a great partnership.”
Ford President Jacques Nasser, discounting stories that his job is in jeopardy because of the Firestone fiasco, weak sales and management problems.