Ford Motor Co., as expected, backed off the Ford 2000 globalization campaign initiated by former Chairman Alex Trotman when it announced last Friday that on Jan. 1 it would establish business units to focus on world regions and its six brands. The business units include Ford North America, Ford Europe, Ford Asia Pacific, Ford South America, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volvo, Lincoln and Mercury.

As a result of the new setup, Ford announced a number of new leadership appointments that are effective Jan. 1, 2000. One of the more notable moves in the shakeup was Henry D. G. Wallace's ascension to chief financial officer after serving nine months heading Ford's Asia Pacific operations. The CFO spot was rumored to be the destination of DaimlerChrysler Corp. purchasing czar Tom Sidlik (see Ward's Automotive Reports — Sept. 27, '99, p.1).

The appointments include: Carlos Mazzorin, group vice president, Global Purchasing and South America; Robert L. Rewey, group vice president, Global Consumer Services and North America; Gurminder S. Bedi, vice president, North America Truck; William W. Boddie, vice president, Global Core Engineering; Terry M. de Jonckheere, vice president and president, Ford South America; and I. Martin Inglis, vice president, Ford North America.

Also named to new positions: Vaughn A. Koshkarian, vice president, Ford Asia Pacific; Martin R. Leach, vice president, Product Development, Ford Europe; Shamel T. Rushwin, vice president, Vehicle Operations; Nick Scheele, vice president and chairman, Ford Europe; Chris P. Theodore, vice president, North America Car; David W. Thursfield, vice president and president, Ford Europe; and Al P. Ver, vice president, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering.