Ford Motor Co. intends to better define the four brands within its Premier Automotive Group and bring its super luxury Aston Martin nameplate into the mainstream more with a new model line, says PAG chief Wolfgang Reitzle.

Aston Martin sold some 650 cars worldwide in 1998 and only 45 in Germany, Europe's largest market, Mr. Reitzle tells journalists at last week's opening of the Frankfurt auto show. “That is very exclusive, and maybe a little bit too exclusive,” he says.

In addition to the new model line, “Aston Martin will be in the future our laboratory on wheels. So this will be a major change. We will see the development of advanced technology in Aston Martin in the future,” Mr. Reitzle explains.

Regarding Volvo, which Ford purchased in March, the automaker will add “more emotion to its strong rational” base, promises Mr. Reitzle. And Lincoln “increasingly will be managed on an independent basis, like its own company, which in a certain way it is not yet today,” Mr. Reitzle says.

Jaguar will take a more performance image, showcased with its entrance in 2000 into Formula One racing and the unveiling of its new R Performance options derived from the XK180 concept roadster. “The renewed emphasis on sportiness and sports cars, from my view, represents an important strategic development for Jaguar,” Mr. Reitzle says.