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PARIS – Renault will present its Captur crossover coupe at the Geneva auto show in March, the second of six concept cars in a series from new chief designer Laurens Van den Acker.

The sporty DeZir, featuring an electric powertrain, opened the series at the Paris show in October.

The Captur features the new 130-hp, 1.6L diesel Renault is developing, tuned to 160 hp. With twin turbos, the engine holds the vehicle’s carbon-dioxide emissions to just 99 g/km, Renault says.

Van den Acker imagined the concept-car series to express the stages of life, starting with love and the DeZir.

The Captur stands for two people together, going out to discover the world. Subsequent concepts are to represent starting a family, working, having fun and achieving wisdom.

The exterior features the wide front grille that will be the visual face of Renaults during the next cycle of car launches. The interior is designed around stretched elastic ropes meant to recall sailing or mountain climbing.

Two new technologies are featured. The RX2 is a mechanical differential that transfers power to the wheel with most grip should the vehicle loses traction. Visiosystem uses a forward-facing camera providing a real-time display of the road with superimposed information and images meant to help drivers.