Alliance partners Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. report combined overall global sales for 2003 at 5,357,315 units, a 4.2% increase over like-2002.

Renault’s global sales were 2,968,357, while Nissan reached 2,388,958.

The auto makers now have a combined global market share of 9.3%, ranking their alliance as one of the top five auto maker’s in the world, the partners say.

Sales of Renault vehicles in Western Europe in 2003 fell 3.4% to 1,806,443 units, while Nissan sales jumped 13.3% to 489,680. Overall combined sales for the alliance in the region were lower by 0.3% to 2,296,123 units.

Sales of Renault vehicles in the Asia/Pacific region were off by 8.0% to end the year at 121,484 units. Nissan sales rose 18.5% to 321,672 units. The combined alliance saw Asia/Pacific sales climb 9.8% to 443,156.

Nissan’s North America sales rose strongly, ending the year at 864,015 units, a 7.4% increase.