Combined sales for Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. and Renault SA total 5.14 million units for 2002, a 2.9% jump over 2001.

Nissan sold 2,735,530 vehicles, while Renault had sales of 2,405,380 units. The Renault-Nissan Alliance had a global market share of 9.1% (4.2% Renault and 4.9% Nissan), making it one of the world’s top five auto makers, according to Nissan.

European sales were 2,301,268 units last year. Renault Mexico sales increased to 15,877 vehicles from 3,616 in 2001. The Clio accounted for 67% of Renault sales in the country. The Scenic also sold well. Nissan had a sales jump of 11.1% in Mexico to 211,648 units, including 36,683 Platinas.

Other Renault-Nissan brands had the following sales last year: Samsung (117,088 units), Dacia (57,783 units ) and Infiniti (94,880 units).