Renault dealers and customers in France, Germany and the United Kingdom are getting a glimpse into the future of Internet retailing as the automaker is merging configuration and pricing technology on the web in those nations.

Trilogy is the technology provider for Renault's three sites --,, and Officials say the sites offer an "enriched, efficient shopping experience for customers" and increasing market share and information technology efficiency for Renault. It also delivers qualified leads to Renault dealers in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

These sites allow customers to build a car online, request a quote and be referred to a dealer to complete the sale. Renault now can centrally manage its web presence in multiple countries, more effectively capture new customers and has a more-efficient channel to broaden its service offering. The result, according to Trilogy, is deeper relationships with customers, a more effective approach to solving customer requests with dealers and increased IT efficiency across the organization.

“Renault is setting new standards in automotive e-commerce and customer service by providing its customers and dealers across Europe with a new channel of information, service and relationship building,” says Jason Weiss, general manager of European operations at Trilogy. “Trilogy’s proven automotive retail platform is helping Renault provide a unified service experience in multiple countries, and to effectively manage, analyze and apply customer and product information that will make the Renault customer experience second to none.”

Trilogy says its technology allows Renault to manage the vast amounts of product data required by an automotive retail Web site. In each country, Renault offers more than 10 distinct car models, each with multiple model versions and dozens of possible option packages. Renault’s new sites provide consumers with accurate, up-to-date information for every valid combination of vehicle and options, complete with a real-time price quote.

By referring qualified leads to its dealer partners and arming customers with accurate product and pricing information, Renault has the opportunity to capture greater market share across its target countries, say the companies.

With its unified configuration and pricing platform, Trilogy says it is making it possible for Renault to manage all of its product and pricing data from one location, which significantly increases overall IT efficiency and resource allocation.

Renault’s initial rollout of the Trilogy-powered Web site will include full functionality for consumers and dealerships in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Renault plans to extend its online reach to include other countries.