In Fine Voice

Cinema tough-guy Sam Elliott is the voice of Chrysler’s Ram truck brand. And Ram President and CEO Fred Diaz says the actor’s commercial work is resonating with buyers.

But if Chrysler wants to save some cash, it could turn to MOPAR chief Pietro Gorlier. The former Fiat executive is charming the electronic media with his basso profundo pipes, Chrysler insiders say here.

No word if Gorlier can imitate an American accent.

The Force Be With VW

Volkswagen of America appears to have stolen the show from Slim Shady, a.k.a. Eminem.

Chrysler featured the edgy rapper in a dramatically defiant 2-minute Super Bowl ad Sunday touting the pride and prowess of Detroit, the auto maker’s hometown.

But a VW spot ranks among the most-viewed as of today on YouTube.

The commercial, which shows a tyke dressed as Darth Vader as he attempts, and finally succeeds in demonstrating his supernatural powers – with help from his Passat-driving Dad’s remote starter.

“Mini Vader” had been seen more than 16 million times by mid-day today. Chrysler’s “Born of Fire” spot was just shy of 1 million views.

In fairness, VW quietly leaked its video last week and it went viral. Chrysler played it close the vest, previewing its ad only to dealers a few hours before kickoff.

Wild applause was heard near the end of the Chrysler franchise meeting. An insider tells Ward’s the response was evoked by the preview.