The Reynolds and Reynolds Company is setting up a new Campaign Management Services (CMS) organization to improve the return on investment that car companies and large enterprise retailers receive from consumer marketing campaigns and programs.

Reynolds’ Campaign Management Services organization provides direct marketing programs for car companies and their dealers. The initiatives help retain car-buying and service customers through maintenance reminders and such.

Reynolds has exclusive relationships with the American Honda Motor Company, Acura and Isuzu Motors America, Inc, and approved provider relationships with General Motors; Ford; BMW of North America, LLC and Volvo Cars of North America. The company serves nearly 4,000 dealerships in the U.S. with its service retention programs.

Says Kelly Kavanaugh, vice president of Reynolds Campaign Management Services, "Reynolds has long recognized the importance of database marketing services that enable dealers to maintain contact with auto consumers throughout the ownership cycle.

“Our direct mail, opt-in e-mail and telephonic programs have been primarily focused on service operations. Going forward, we will be expanding our reach into other dealership areas, helping car companies and enterprise retailers with better program analysis and day-to-day support to ensure that their dealers obtain high-impact results from our campaign services."

The new focus builds on a core competency of expertise that Reynolds has had in campaign management since 1994. The group's new charter is intended to more readily enable dealers to take advantage of retention programs by providing for the systematic management of program results.

Reynolds has created the role of program consultant to support enrolled dealers by car company and enterprise retailer. In addition, field consultants are being assigned to automotive retailers within geographic territories to maximize retailers' efforts in creating cost-effective, high-volume and high-quality retention programs.

“Our overall goal is to help dealers improve profit from service by targeting the right customers through the right channel at the right time with the right offer. We also want to make sure we align the objectives of the car company and the dealers so they speak as one to the consumer," Kavanaugh says.

Reynolds expects to announce additional CMS services in the near future.