Forty-four percent of surveyed dealers name viruses as their top concern when using the Internet for business. Accordingly, a new anti-virus service is being offered by The Reynolds and Reynolds Co., an automotive information technology provider.

Reynolds Anti-Virus Service lets dealers manage virus protection for their whole network from a single PC.

Viruses, Trojan horses, worms and other bits of malicious computer code can erase data, steal confidential customer information and turn PCs into “zombies” that re-distribute viruses.

“Virus protection is a time-and-resource-consuming headache for many dealerships,” says Jeff Almoney, vice president and chief technology officer at Reynolds and Reynolds.

Steve Brown, IT manager for Sanderson Ford in Phoenix, AZ, says, “In one month, viruses shut down our network three times, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenues and productivity.“

Brown says the dealership acquired Reynolds Anti-Virus Service “and we haven't been down since.”