Making its debut powering the high-performance Saab Aero SportCombi this fall is a new, General Motors Corp.-made all-aluminum 2.8L turbocharged V-6 that also will be made available for the '06 9-3 Aero Sport Sedan and 9-3 Aero Convertible.

With 32 valves, variable intake valve timing and twin-scroll turbocharger, the V-6 pumps out 250 hp and, true to Saab heritage, the performance centers on low-end torque. The turbo delivers maximum 258 lb.-ft. (350 Nm) by 2,000 rpm and maintains it through 4,500 rpm.

The new V-6 is assembled at the GM subsidiary Holden Ltd. plant in Port Melbourne, Australia, and meets Euro IV and Bin IV emissions regulations.

A group of engineers from Saab Automobile, GM Europe and Holden started work on the new family of 2.8L-3.8L V-6s in February 1999, building their first six running engines by December of that year. Turbocharging was designed in from the outset, and the V-6 turbo is the third child in the V-6 family that uses 60-degree, DOHC architecture.

GM will use the turbo V-6 to power at least three vehicles, including a European model later this year. Cyrus confirms it also will be under the hood of the new Cadillac BLS compact sedan that will be shown in Geneva as well and go on sale in Europe next year.