On the heels of the BioPower Hybrid Concept Vehicle shown at last month’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Saab Automobile announces another BioPower concept will be shown at next month’s Geneva auto show.

This time, Saab will showcase its E100-capable engine technology in a 9-5 SportCombi which complements the 9-3 Convertible shown in Detroit.

The BioPower 100 Concept to be shown in Geneva has a 2.0L turbocharged mill making 300 hp when used with high-octane 100% bioethanol fuel, Saab says.

“That exceptionally high specific power output of 150 hp/L demonstrates scope for future ‘rightsizing,’ using smaller, high output engines that also deliver energy savings,” Saab says in a statement.

Peak torque for the BioPower 100 Concept is 295 lb.-ft. (400 Nm), similar to that from a naturally aspirated 4.0L mill, the auto maker says.

Saab claims the 9-5 concept can hit 62 mph (100 km/h) in 6.6 seconds from a standstill and go from 50-75 mph (80-121 km/h) in fifth gear in 8.2 seconds.

Anthony Lo, General Motors Europe advanced design director who oversaw styling for the Aero X Concept Saab showed at last year’s Geneva show, supervised exterior and interior design for the BioPower 100 Concept.